Ramp Heating

To keep your entrance and exit slopes free of snow and icewe offer a global solution based on..

Pipe Frost Protection

It is not only necessary in Industrial applications, but is also often used to prevent freezing…

Temperature Maintenance

This solution is ideal for commercial applications that require fluids to be heated above room temperature.

Roof & Gutter De-icing

Winter can be hard on buildings. Snow and ice can build up on roofs and gutters causing damage and…


In cold rooms and freezers, even if the floor is well insulated, water in the soil underneath can freeze.


Heating Cable

DIRAC TraceHeat offers a wide variety of tracing cables for industrial, commercial and residential applications

Control & Monitoring

Whether you are controlling 1 simple circuit or your complete ramp heating system, DIRAC TraceHeat offers best…

Connection Kits

Our connection kits are specially designed to ensure a firm long lasting connection.

Installation Accessories

DIRAC TraceHeat offers a wide variety of accessories designed to make your electric heat tracing system complete.

Support / Download

DIRAC TraceHeat has an entire team ready for you to engineer the wright solution for your application.  Our partner network has years of experience in the installation of our tracing equipment and can also provide you with the necessary services in the field of insulation.