Through Bulkhead Kit

  •  Kit to protect the heating cable and obtain a waterproof seal where the cable enters the metal insulation cladding
    Each kit consists of:
    – 1 stainless steel adaptation plate
    – 1 polyamide M25 gland, with washer suitable
    for the section of heating cable
    – 4 fixing screws
    – 1 instruction leafletAluminium attachment tape used to apply the cable on the pipe, and to improve the heat transfer (longitudinally, on the whole length of
    the cable).

On plastic support, set the aluminium tape on the wall, set the cable on this tape, and add a second aluminium tape.

NOTE – Sealing between our kit and RCC protection plate for the insulation can be performed using silicone sealant (not supplied).

Technical Datasheet
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