A cable with correct characteristics (resistivity/section/length/voltage) connected on electric supply, dissipates an energy by Joules Effect (P=U²/R), and can be simple and cost effective solution for trace heating.  The design is determined by specifications such as resistance/length/voltage and required output. These heating cables have to be designed for each application and are prefabricated in our plant.

Mineral Insulated (MI) Technology
What is Mineral Insulated trace heating and why do you need it?  If you need to maintain or raise the temperature of pipes, vessels or any other object or material then you will probably need trace heating. If your application requires high temperature operation and/or long circuit lengths then you are likely to need Mineral Insulated cables as opposed to polymeric heating cables.
Mineral Insulated Trace Heating offers:

Operating to voltages up to 600 V

Temperature maintenance up to 600°C

Exposure temperatures up to 1000°C

MI trace heating is highly efficient and extremely cost effective. It is also exceptionally durable and long lasting providing unrivalled value for money on life time cost


  • For temperature maintenance of pipes, tanks, hoppers, etc. up to 600°C. Very good resistance to vibration and for applications requiring gradual temperature increase.
  • Exposure temperatures up to 700°C (power off). Fire resistant.
  • Outputs up to 310W per linear meter.
  • Can be supplied in very long lengths (up to 450m with only one electrical connection point).