A cable with correct characteristics (resistivity/section/length/voltage) connected on electric supply, dissipates an energy by Joules Effect (P=U²/R), and can be simple and cost effective solution for trace heating.
Elastomer insulated heating cables (CCSP and RCS ranges), generally used in refrigeration industries or for simple freeze protections on small pipes, water meters, etc..

Fluorpolymer insulated heating cables (SFM range) which have an excellent corrosion, mechanical, and thermal resistance, used for temperature maintenance on long pipes in petrochemical plants.
Fiber insulated cables (RCTA, CCW and RCW range).
The design is determined by specifications such as resistance/length/voltage and required output. These heating cables have to be designed for each application and are prefabricated in our plant


  • For freeze protection or temperature maintenance of pipes, tanks, hoppers etc. up to 120°C.
  • Exposure temperatures up to 260°C (power off).
  • Output up to 30 watts per linear meter.
  • Suitable for long lengths (up to 1.5km with only one electrical connection point).
  • Suitable for use in corrosive environments.